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Filtering by Category: EW Photographer Templates

Custom Facebook Christmas and holiday Timeline covers

elena wilken

Happy first day of winter! :)
Here is a little collection of timeline cover templates that you can access as free downloads. Hope you enjoy them! Use them as a quick little thoughtful thank you gesture for clients and/or on your pages.

It's never a bad idea to surprise your clients with a personal, customized timeline cover. Show off some of the images you created during your minis or regular sessions together, these past couple of months. It will bring a smile, allow them to brag about their family portraits and about their photographer ;)

>>> To download the files, please click the preview image below. <<<

To view all other complementary Custom Facebook Timeline cover downloads in the EW Couture line, check out the Free EW Couture Template Downloads on

Unless otherwise specified,
• The template files are layered Photoshop (.PSD) files,
• The files are compatible with Photoshop CS and higher, for Mac and PC. To make the files compatible with Photoshop Elements, check out this free resource - a free ungroup layers action for elements
• The templates are designed to be as simple as possible. Simply drop in your photos, change the text, and you’re done; however colors are editable whenever possible, should you choose to further customize the files.
• Text is fully editable - most of the fonts used with this set are free, names are supplied. the web addresses where you can download them are included in the layer naming convention in each of the files.
When paid fonts are used, the text is used as a color layer. If you wish to change the text, simply delete the layer and add your own text.

To customize the colors of the color layers and shape layers, simply double click on the color slider thumbnail to bring up the color picker.



•1• Use these templates to create finished products for yourself or your photography clients. (Must be flattened jpgs, when in digital format). You can use these templates to create samples for your studio’s printed marketing materials, as well as for your studio’s online presence.
•2• Change colors, fonts, the position of the different layout elements (where the design permits) to meet the needs of your studio and pho- tography clients.

•1• Re-distribute or sell these files/templates (as a whole or parts of them) by any means, for free or for a fee and pass them as your own. { When sharing a link, please share a link to the blog post, and not a direct link to the file.}
•2• Use elements from these templates in anything you are selling as a digital template.


© 2016 Elena Wilken / Elena Wilken P&GA

Miller's Lab Design Market additions

elena wilken

When it comes to Miller's Design Market, folded luxe cards, mini accordions and albums might be my favorite products to design for. It's been fun pushing my creative boundaries while working on the Christmas 2016 collection - cards and albums alike.
...A few favorites from the many 2016 EW Couture photoshop template design additions in Miller's Lab Design Market.

Copper Frost 5x7 Side Folded Luxe Card

Copper Frost 5x7 Side Folded Luxe Card

Christmas Blooms 7x5 Flat Card and Address Label

Christmas Blooms 7x5 Flat Card and Address Label

Christmas Morning 7x5 Top Folded Luxe Card, Address Label and Oval Sticker

Christmas Morning 7x5 Top Folded Luxe Card, Address Label and Oval Sticker

Diamond Frames 5x7 Flat Card and Address Label

Diamond Frames 5x7 Flat Card and Address Label

Catching up - part three :: Photo templates - 2010 EWCC Christmas Cards Collection

elena wilken

And here is one more post on photo templates for photographers, before moving on to even more exciting news, and posts with lots of fun, cute images :)

Like I said in the previous post, while I am going to work on growing the line of designs and templates for Miller's Lab, the EW Couture Collection store will see its share of new products as well, this coming year.

To start with, last month I added a 2010 Christmas Card Collection.
There is a lot of variety in the designs of the tastefully done card layouts.

The unique vintage look of the classic Christmas card collection "A Christmas Carol" will most likely stir and bring out warm and melancholic feelings for most of your clients. I am really happy with the results, and I hope you enjoy these just as much! :)

I am really excited to be able to offer them as psd files compatible with both PSE and Photoshop CS and up. Also, each one of the card designs includes files for both WHCC and Miller's Lab. The Miller's files for the Luxe cards can be printed through MpixPro as well.

Given the high level of customization of the files, the possibilities are endless! :)

Hop over to EW Couture Collection site to check out all the 2010 EWCC Collection Christmas and holiday card templates.

Catching up - part two :: Photo templates - Miller's Lab Exclusive EW Couture Line

elena wilken

I am really excited  and honored to be joining Miller's Lab Design Market team, while continuing to grow the list of offerings through EW Couture Collection as well!
It's been an awesome start, and you can definitely expect to see a whole palette of new templates in the coming year, for the great, high quality products Miller's Lab offers.

You can check out the Miller's Lab Exclusive EW Couture Line of templates by visiting Miller's Design Market, or the gallery on EW Couture Collection site.

Catching up - part one (latest EW Couture Collection photo template downloads)

elena wilken

LOTS going on around here, since my last post in July! ...Believe me ;)
Over the next several days I'll add several posts to attempt and catch up with some of the happenings and the news :)

To start with, if you are a photographer and have been enjoying the downloads posted under EW Couture Collection category so far, head over to EW Couture Collection blog for a handful more, posted in the last several months.

5x7 Marketing cards, a brochure, an accordion mini album, an accordion mini album 2011 calendar, and a set of cute storyboards. Hope you enjoy them!

An easy way to never miss the monthly free template downloads is to sign up for the EW Couture Collection newsletter.

...A voting thread for November's download is now in full swing on the EW Couture Collection Facebook Page. Feel free to chime in, if you would like. A 16x16 storyboard template, or a little set of MOO mini cards?

Templates for photographers :: July's download - Image Box / Proof Case Templates for Millers Lab and WHCC

elena wilken

Here is a preview of the free template download for July. 
There are two files included: a template for Miller's Lab 5x7 Proof Case (it holds 150 unmounted prints) and a template for WHCC's 5x7 Image Box (it holds 100 unmounted prints).

While my color choices for these files are really strong and rich, you can change theme to fit your business identity’s color scheme or preferences, as needed. The texture layers can be turned on and off, and you can even switch out the simple rectangular clipping mask for fancier ones you might want to create for your images.

To download this template, hop over to EW Couture Collection blog.


Marketing Materials for Photographers :: Rep Cards :: May's free templates

elena wilken

And here is May's free EW Couture Collection template download: two beautiful plaid sets of rep card templates.  

I first created the regular business card size rep cards and decided to add as a little bonus to this month's download the Miller's cool version of the rep cards. Their Rep Cards are a fresh, pretty sweet take on senior rep and studio business cards. I wonder which ones you'll like best.

You can download them through the EW Couture Facebook page, or on the Maternal Lens (as of tomorrow).

Enjoy them and pay it forward! :)

EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: April 2010 Free Download

elena wilken

It's been a couple of weeks already since I sent out the email with April's free download from the collection of free marketing templates for photographers, just haven't found the time and blog about it.

A really cute template for a wallet size accordion mini book (mini "purse size" brag book).
For the photographers that would like the template - you can download it on the EW Couture Collection Facebook page.

Also, wanted to say thank you to Sarah Siripoke for sharing images of the cute mini album she printed using this month's download. I love the cover image. So adorable!
Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love being able to see how the templates are being used :) 

EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: March 2010 Free Download

elena wilken

... is being released tomorrow.  Newsletter will go out in the evening. Sign up for the monthly free template downloads here, if you haven't yet. Enjoy, and pay it forward! :)

The templates match the free marketing set made available for download in January '10.

The files will also be featured and available for download on Michelle Black's website, The Photo Professional.

Templates for photographers :: EW Couture Collection going live tonight at 9 pm PST

elena wilken

I've been keeping extremely busy and have tried to catch up on all the time lost while being sick this last two months. But I am no super hero :) Here is to a small but beautiful beginning, to an awesome adventure in the making! There is always next month, and the month after, and the month after for releasing beautiful goodies for talented photographers, that take your business up a notch.

The e-store will be going live late this evening.
Share the love and e-mail a friend that might be interested, would you feel inclined to do so.

Starting later this month, we'll be getting back to the 'regular broadcasting'. I will actually leave the office a lot more often, pick up the camera and have some long waited for and well deserved, fun sessions. :) Between my full time graphic design position and this project, the sun has not kissed my face much.
We'll be up on the mountain this weekend, weather permitting. Audrey is so excited to see the snow! :) 

... Here is a sneak peek to some of the stuff to come this evening.

... And all this would not be possible without you Paul, so thank you! I know it might sounds cheesy and cliche, but you have no idea how much I mean that. 

Free Marketing Templates for Photographers :: February 2010 Frebies

elena wilken

Well, well, well... I'm in the middle of a treatment for a second really bad cold, in the past five weeks. I'm not sure if it is funny, sad or just simply an inconvenience. Audrey was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, a little while after getting over the stomach flu. The 104.4 fever, the first day, had me quite scared. And yes, we do wash hands a LOT, use sanitizer, and are very much aware of the good old rules of proper hygiene, but the way the doctor put it I was just unfortunate to have this happen again and Audrey is at the age when she's building up her immune system and this is 'normal'.

It's life ;) ...It sure feels like a country song, though!

All that aside, or I should say because of it, February's freebie is going out a bit late (Sunday evening to be more precise). {Go to EW Couture Collection site and subscribe to the mailing list, if you are not on it and would like to receive the monthly freebies.}
The set of bookmarks will also be available for download on the Portfoliositez blog, during the coming week. 

The shoppe will be opening on March 2nd. I am really content with the date, as it has a deep meaning for me. My dad passed away unexpectedly at 37, 15 years ago, on a late February morning (I was 15 at the time).
I feel this would be a really awesome way to celebrate and honor him and his entrepreneurial spirit. Dad grew up in a communist Romania. Different times... Even though plenty of times he had to skip school to tend to the animals on their small farm and help around the house, that didn't keep him from working hard, learning things on his own and making a good living for mom, myself and my brothers. As we grew up he encouraged us a lot and pushed us to 'go and be somebody' and follow through with the things we want to do in life. He was a firecracker :) ... Love you dad. It wasn't easy, but both you and mom did a great job with all three of us ;) Thank you!


Hello again ...and a little bit of everything

elena wilken

'Sick as a dog' came to have a new meaning for me these past couple of weeks... I have a strong aversion to medication of any kind. Don't take me wrong. I take it, but not unless I really HAVE to take it.
However, this time around I payed the doctor a visit asking for a strong prescription. And while I usually tough things out, I even whined this time. 

I'm feeling a lot better, and so are Paul and Audrey. After feeling like we've been falling apart for a couple of weeks there, the world looks brighter and happier, and we've found a new appreciation for the 'simple' state of being healthy. It is easy to take such things for granted ... :)
I imagine there are many others like us. This bug it's really been going around.

... And then, when you put things in perspective this is menial stuff... It almost makes me feel silly that I even put it in words. The thought of the many that lost the ones dear to their hearts, and don't have their basic needs met right now (like food, water and a shelter) saddens me and makes me go quiet.


I sat down to write a post tonight because I wanted to touch base with some of you who wanted to know how things are going.

Camera's back, and the sad thing is that I barely touched it this past week. The sickness and rainy weather combo is not a very exciting one.

Things are moving along beautifully on the EW Couture stuff (I've done my best to keep on task - as much as I could ;) and a new goodie will be going out in the February's monthly newsletter, in the next few weeks. The response to the few materials I put out there in December and January was far beyond my expectations. 995 sign-ups, as of tonight, with new subscription e-mails coming in literally every day. Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment. :) 

I am also really excited that some of the materials I'm designing will be showcasing work of a few extremely talented photographers whose work I admire very much. Thank you ladies. I feel honored. :)

On a different note, some signed up after January's free templates went out (the little marketing set).
If that is the case for you, here are a couple of links where you could go and download them - Pay It Forward Photo Blog or the archive of January's newsletter

Also, Maternal Lens - lots of cool resources and interviews on this blog as well - had December's set of marketing cards for download.
Soon I'll stop posting about the EW Couture (except for major announcements ;) and focus on what this blog is meant to be about - photography. EW Couture Collection will have its own home and announcements board. All in due time :) 

Ok, I guess this is it for now...
My wish for everyone is that you stay healthy and happy, so this month you can share joy with those in need of happy moments and glimpses of brightness.

...Ready for spring :)

Be blessed this year, and be a blessing. EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: January 2010 Free Download

elena wilken

I love the way 2009 ended and 2010 started for us. Some really, really great couple of weeks. 
Paul and myself are away from Audrey (with our graphic designers caps on, trying to better the web world ;) for most of the week. Having several days at the time to spend together as a family is such a great treat for me! Christmas week and New Year's week were a great time to recharge. We cook, we read, we play, we go for drives and we play some more, we have dates for only mommy and daddy... and we play some more :) 

On a different note, still waiting for the camera. I was looking forward to start my 365 Project, take pictures of Audrey and Paul in the snow (didn't last for too long this time), and just start the new year with fresh images. A fresh start calls for new images, doesn't it? :) I'm very disappointed that the the 1st of this year found me without it. According to the technician I should have it by the end of the week (if the parts come in in the next couple of days) ...Seriously, how much time is needed for parts to come in!? A month?... Regardless, I am looking forward to hold a working camera in my hands, and I'll be very thankful to have it back ;)

Since every post on a photo blog needs a photo (it doesn't feel right otherwise ;), here is the latest freebie I've been working on, for the photographers out there. It should be ready for download before the end of this week/weekend. I'll keep you posted.

So here are the free templates for the month of January (images of them, anyway) - a cute little marketing pack, fully customizable.

To sign up for the monthly freebies and find out when the e-store will go live go here.

*** available for direct download here

Quick reminder :: Free Templates for Photographers

elena wilken

Just a quick reminder, for those who asked for one.

If you haven't had a chance to download the card templates before today, visit MCP - they will be available for download on the blog. If you enjoy them, take the time to signup for free monthly inbox goodies, and spread the word ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Wherever you are enjoy your day, and stay warm! :)

EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: Templates and Marketing Materials

elena wilken

The camera breaking down is somewhat a blessing in disguise, just because I now have a little more time available to pour in the EW Couture Collection project. Here is a peek to one of the pages of the website. As of right now only two of the pages are active, and one of them allows people to sign up for the monthly inbox goodies. Here is the link, if you would like to sign up -

... Lovely things, to keep me busy. Not too busy though, to keep me from having a lot of fun with my husband and my girl this long weekend. The other day we went to the park, to feed the ducks. We had an awesome time! I do wish I would've had a camera for that! ...But you know what? A cute point and shoot is on my Christmas list now ;)
Tomorrow we're going to the lake again. It is such a refreshing things watching a two year old experiencing new things, enjoying life in her own childish ways and the contentment and smiles on her face while she watches Paul and I together. One of those things that you just can't put value on... Priceless.

Here is the last set of free templates that was and will be again up for grabs.

The first two business card size referral card template sets, that I have made available a while back:

Making Memories last for a lifetime :: Elena Wilken Photographer

elena wilken

Here are a few shots of some of the products that I'll be offering. The quality is exquisite.

The Flush mounted photo album comes in three different sizes - 6x6, 9x9 and 12x12. Printed on FUJI professional photo paper, matt coated and embossed, with 2 mm thick pages and a water proof image cover they are made to last.  

These images are provided by the supplier and are not my product shots. They are meant to help you visualize the quality of the products.

The keepsake boxes are custom handmade, come printed with your favorite image from the session on the outside and 18-20 matted prints which can be displayed in your home and switched out as you like.