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Keepsake boxes - treasure chests of the past

elena wilken

 “Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.“ ~ Bob Dylan

....The Watercolor Daydream memory box, from the EW Couture keepsake boxes collection, with Mpix. Senior images courtesy of Nicole Eastman Photography. Thank you for the beautiful photographs Nicole!

...And because I'll never tire of the Storybook Illustration box, here are a few fresh snaps of it, too.

Templates for photographers :: EW Couture Collection going live tonight at 9 pm PST

elena wilken

I've been keeping extremely busy and have tried to catch up on all the time lost while being sick this last two months. But I am no super hero :) Here is to a small but beautiful beginning, to an awesome adventure in the making! There is always next month, and the month after, and the month after for releasing beautiful goodies for talented photographers, that take your business up a notch.

The e-store will be going live late this evening.
Share the love and e-mail a friend that might be interested, would you feel inclined to do so.

Starting later this month, we'll be getting back to the 'regular broadcasting'. I will actually leave the office a lot more often, pick up the camera and have some long waited for and well deserved, fun sessions. :) Between my full time graphic design position and this project, the sun has not kissed my face much.
We'll be up on the mountain this weekend, weather permitting. Audrey is so excited to see the snow! :) 

... Here is a sneak peek to some of the stuff to come this evening.

... And all this would not be possible without you Paul, so thank you! I know it might sounds cheesy and cliche, but you have no idea how much I mean that. 

Be blessed this year, and be a blessing. EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: January 2010 Free Download

elena wilken

I love the way 2009 ended and 2010 started for us. Some really, really great couple of weeks. 
Paul and myself are away from Audrey (with our graphic designers caps on, trying to better the web world ;) for most of the week. Having several days at the time to spend together as a family is such a great treat for me! Christmas week and New Year's week were a great time to recharge. We cook, we read, we play, we go for drives and we play some more, we have dates for only mommy and daddy... and we play some more :) 

On a different note, still waiting for the camera. I was looking forward to start my 365 Project, take pictures of Audrey and Paul in the snow (didn't last for too long this time), and just start the new year with fresh images. A fresh start calls for new images, doesn't it? :) I'm very disappointed that the the 1st of this year found me without it. According to the technician I should have it by the end of the week (if the parts come in in the next couple of days) ...Seriously, how much time is needed for parts to come in!? A month?... Regardless, I am looking forward to hold a working camera in my hands, and I'll be very thankful to have it back ;)

Since every post on a photo blog needs a photo (it doesn't feel right otherwise ;), here is the latest freebie I've been working on, for the photographers out there. It should be ready for download before the end of this week/weekend. I'll keep you posted.

So here are the free templates for the month of January (images of them, anyway) - a cute little marketing pack, fully customizable.

To sign up for the monthly freebies and find out when the e-store will go live go here.

*** available for direct download here

Quick reminder :: Free Templates for Photographers

elena wilken

Just a quick reminder, for those who asked for one.

If you haven't had a chance to download the card templates before today, visit MCP - they will be available for download on the blog. If you enjoy them, take the time to signup for free monthly inbox goodies, and spread the word ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Wherever you are enjoy your day, and stay warm! :)

EWCC Free Card Templates available for download on December 8th

elena wilken

For those who asked, the 3 sets of templates I posted on the blog a couple of days ago, will be available for download on MCP Blog. I'll post a reminder on the 8th as well.

Meantime, if you haven't done it before, do go and visit the blog - a wealth of information and really valuable resources - free actions, tutorials, business tips, interviews. It is definitely a blog you want to add to you reader and follow. One of the later articles - written by guest photographer  Jodie Otte, stirred quite a conversation. Hop over and check it out. As a photographer, you'll find the information very valuable, I believe.

EW Couture Collection :: A Photographer's Boutique :: Templates and Marketing Materials

elena wilken

The camera breaking down is somewhat a blessing in disguise, just because I now have a little more time available to pour in the EW Couture Collection project. Here is a peek to one of the pages of the website. As of right now only two of the pages are active, and one of them allows people to sign up for the monthly inbox goodies. Here is the link, if you would like to sign up -

... Lovely things, to keep me busy. Not too busy though, to keep me from having a lot of fun with my husband and my girl this long weekend. The other day we went to the park, to feed the ducks. We had an awesome time! I do wish I would've had a camera for that! ...But you know what? A cute point and shoot is on my Christmas list now ;)
Tomorrow we're going to the lake again. It is such a refreshing things watching a two year old experiencing new things, enjoying life in her own childish ways and the contentment and smiles on her face while she watches Paul and I together. One of those things that you just can't put value on... Priceless.

Here is the last set of free templates that was and will be again up for grabs.

The first two business card size referral card template sets, that I have made available a while back: