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Good looks and beautiful fall colors :: Elena Wilken :: Portland OR Family Photographer

elena wilken

Photographing babies and young kids it's what's close to my heart, but it is sure nice to have subjects in front of the camera that do what you tell them to and don't try to outrun you :) 

It was a beautiful afternoon and our 'traditional style' shoot was a really, really fun shoot. 

I know you guys loved your sneak peek on Facebook. Here are a few more for your enjoyment ;) You are definitely a great looking family. It was really hard to narrow down the shots I was going to post. 

So, see you next year, same time, same spot ;) By the way, that comment was a great compliment Mary :)

H is for Hazel :: Elena Wilken :: Portland Or. Children Photographer

elena wilken

I first photographed her about 8 months ago, as a tiny little 9 days old newborn. She's still a dainty little girly, bright eyed and as happy, mellow and content as they come. 

I might've said that before, but I believe this is my favorite age to photograph. While their attention span is not extremely long, they laugh at your silliness and think you're interesting enough to make eye contact. And the best part - you have a captive audience. They can sit up, but they can't outrun you ;)

Thanks guys for choosing to have me document this season in her life. I enjoyed it so much.

And the weather was perfect. I love our overcast skies in Portland, when we get them! (I'm not quite as fond of the rain, but I guess you can't have one and not the other).