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I thought this would be...

elena wilken

... another 'trash the tutu' session with little miss Audrey. A very urban, decaying (beautiful, but decaying) setting, plenty of rain puddles and muddy paths. The perfect combination of elements, really, to make it easy for a 27 month old to 'trash' her tutu, planned or unplanned.
Well, it turns out I was wrong. If she didn't care much about it last time when I took her out in her tutu, she's growing into a very dainty and careful miss, who likes her tutu very much and wants to keep it in a good condition :) I promised I would make her another one sometime soon, and she seems very happy about it.

Paul's been wanting to take me to this junkyard for a long time know, and we finally went. I would've loved to be able to be there in the late hours of the afternoon and make good use of the sunset's soft, glowing light. It just so worked out with our schedules though, that all I could get that day was an hour at noon. Challenged my comfort zone and expanded it. 

... I love this dippy :)

...and here is my favorite image from our little shoot 

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for stopping by! :)