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Favorite work tool as of late


Favorite work tool as of late

elena wilken

Not once I opened the web browser for some rather important and legitimate reason, only to find myself 10-15 minutes later on Instagram or some other web land of mindless scrolling. And on top of the time wasted, I completely forget the reason I opened the browser in the first place.
...Do not tell me I am the only one! :)

A couple of weeks ago I discovered (through another artist) an add-on/extension for Chrome/Firefox called Momentum! You can find a number of reviews and tutorials for it on You-tube, and I will link to just one of them here.
It basically replaces your new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring a to-do list, a preset list of links, a count down of the number of days remaining until an important date, weather, daily inspiration and more.
The breathtaking images made me gasp a couple of mornings when opening the browser, and  definitely give me a moment of calm and inspire me to stay on track. I have been more productive with my time, since I started using it. A small, but steady increase. ...I find myself doing less mindless scrolling and being more purposeful with how I use my time.
The images, the Focus, the To Do list and the Countdown are some of my favorite features.

...Personally, it's been a fabulous tool to eliminate distraction! Hope you like it too and find it useful too.
p.s. This is not an ad. I just love it enough and thought I should share it. :)