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Finally a portfolio website for Elena Wilken Photographer!!

elena wilken

It's been in the works (concept stage and otherwise) on and off for a long time now.

But it will be live and fully functional, waiting for you to browse it before the end of next month! 

Can you tell I am excited? :)

I have a gift to overwhelm myself with small and larger projects, on top of my full time graphic designer position and being a mommy, a cook and a caring wife... All good things and all for good causes. But then things tend to take forever sometimes, because I get my hands too full. I'm learning that having and using "No" in my vocabulary more often than not, it is a healthy thing.

So, getting back to my portfolio website...

A couple of years ago I started talking about a collaboration with Portfoliositez, which came to fruition a few weeks ago, with the release of their latest template, Elena.

It was pretty cool to have the chance to really have an input in what I wanted for functionality for my own site. They did an awesome job on building this - the flash template is beyond customizable, if one can say that.

It will "dress up" for you however you choose.

Here are several screenshots off my psd files, but you can always go and check out the live samples they have up on the blog. While my site will be skinned differently I couldn't help sharing my joy and excitement ahead of time. So I will just have to post screen shots with the skin samples the site was designed, for now.