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Templates for photographers :: EW Couture Collection going live tonight at 9 pm PST

elena wilken

I've been keeping extremely busy and have tried to catch up on all the time lost while being sick this last two months. But I am no super hero :) Here is to a small but beautiful beginning, to an awesome adventure in the making! There is always next month, and the month after, and the month after for releasing beautiful goodies for talented photographers, that take your business up a notch.

The e-store will be going live late this evening.
Share the love and e-mail a friend that might be interested, would you feel inclined to do so.

Starting later this month, we'll be getting back to the 'regular broadcasting'. I will actually leave the office a lot more often, pick up the camera and have some long waited for and well deserved, fun sessions. :) Between my full time graphic design position and this project, the sun has not kissed my face much.
We'll be up on the mountain this weekend, weather permitting. Audrey is so excited to see the snow! :) 

... Here is a sneak peek to some of the stuff to come this evening.

... And all this would not be possible without you Paul, so thank you! I know it might sounds cheesy and cliche, but you have no idea how much I mean that.